image Vegan Restaurant Milan | 2022 image HQ Office in Milan | Social Floor | 2022-2023

International Company HQ in Milan | 2020 – 2021

Strategic planning and reallocation from 5 floors to 3 floors – Concept Design and Interior Design

Life in the office must allow you to carry out the activity in a shared,

#collaborative, participatory way. #Wellness is increasingly linked to the type of #worklife balance that companies will be able to propose.

A flexible and fluid layout is a solution for transforming spaces according to needs.

A space that is environmentally responsible is designed to be energy-efficient and incorporate recycled content, a healthy environment, conserve energy and reduce pollution

Bringing greenery, trees and plants into your workspace design, you can help to remove CO2 from the air while providing a relaxing connection to nature for employees, and natural lighting

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